Commissioned Work

Commissioned Work
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I am currently accepting requests for commissioned portraiture and figurative work.  I am willing to work with other subject matter also, so if you have something else in mind, we can discuss it.
I am especially interested in rendering women in pregnancy, childbirth and nursing to inspire mothers to see and celebrate the beauty and power of their bodies, and to further my own ability to render the female form with sensitivity, joyful abandon, vivid color and lovely texture.
Honor yourself or someone you love with a gift of original, fine art.

Drawings (Graphite, Charcoal or Pastel)
$54  8x12 in.
$72  12x18 in.
$108  18x24 in.
$144   22x30 in.
Paintings (Oil) 
$108  1 square foot
$162  2 square feet
$216  3 square feet
$270  4 square feet
$324  5 square feet
$378  6 square feet
(Note: The square feet can be achieved in any width:length ratio of inches you desire. For example, one square foot could be 12'"x12" or 10"x14", etc.)
Please email me at rachyllgyne@hotmail.com or call at 970.842.5515 to make arrangements and to discuss your desires.  If you or the subject cannot sit for me in person, I will need you to send me 2-3 possible photographs or jpgs to choose from and from which I will work.
To pay for your commissioned work, visit the Contact page.

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