The Birth of Grey Forest Walt

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The Birth
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My MA Thesis: Composing Birth
This site is dedicated to sharing the story and photos of our first son's outdoor birth.  It is intended for educational, inspirational and transformational purposes only.  Enjoy! 
Note: The following pages contain graphic birth images.  If you would prefer to read the story without the photos, please click here for the text-only version.
Please also read The Birth Rite of Samuel Rune, the story of our second son's birth.  This site also features a favorite links page which includes many homebirth and freebirth resources.
My birth stories (without the photos) are now featured in the book Journey Into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth published by hypnobirthing instructor, Sheri Menelli.  This book is a wonderful compilation of many different kinds of empowering birth stories and resources for expecting mothers. 
June 8th, 1999

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